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Au Contraire, Rose


Against whom, Rose,
Have you assumed these thorns?
Is it your too fragile joy
That caused you to become
This armed thing?

But from whom does it protect you,
This exaggerated defense?
How many enemies have I
Lifted from you that did not fear it at all?
On the contrary, from summer to autumn
You wound the affection that is given you.

Against whom, Rose,
Have you assumed these thorns?

I’m supposed to be writing a paper about this piece. Instead, I’m writing this.

If tears didn’t accompany you to the end of this piece, go back and listen again. And this time, let yourself feel.


Au contraire!


You see, I cannot write at this moment, because I cannot stop listening. Cannot stop feeling.

Not just because the music is beautiful. No, if it were just that, I wouldn’t have been so terrified to play it back in November. (My stage fright only comes when I don’t have adequate emotions to express.)

No, not that–but because I have finally understood what it means.


Au contraire!


Of all the moments in my life, these are perhaps the most beautiful.


Au contraire, Rose! No longer must you hold up your thorns to the outside world! I hold you now. Your thorns do nothing but hurt me…and hurt yourself.

No, my own defenses never protect me from that which I defend myself.

They only defend me from that which can protect me the most.


Au contraire! You are so wrong, my dear Rose…you are worth everything to me, please wound me no longer!

I am yours. And you are mine.

I am yours, and you are Mine.


What a Saviour I have, indeed–One who makes everything beautiful when I am so wrong.

And what a husband I have, indeed–one who reminds me of my beauty as I heal.


Forgiveness is Beautiful.


I have understood that forgiveness is important ever since I was little…really, since before I can remember.

But I don’t think I’ve understood the importance of forgiveness until quite recently.

You see, it’s so easy to speak forgiveness yet still hang onto all of your feelings and pride. Surely feelings aren’t prideful, but when you mentally hang them over someone else’s head every time they begin to annoy you…well, I think you know where I’m going with this.

And sometimes, even when you go into a situation determined to forgive someone, you still are unable to do it right away. That’s the tricky thing–you never really know what’s coming when someone says “We need to talk.”

But when all of your tears have been cried, and you’ve asked for healing, you don’t have to be hurt again.

All of a sudden, God showed me a beautiful peace. And the only message throughout my heart was, “I have already forgiven. And nothing lurking in either of your pasts can ever, ever take away from the great and beautiful things I want to give you.”

I think that’s what he meant when he commanded us to forgive our brothers “Seventy times seven”.