Day 6: Steal; Savor the Journey


This is Day 6 of the Great Writers series from Goins, Writer.

I haven’t really been blogging through it because I’ve kinda been lacking inspiration (as silly as that may seem…seeing as I am given a prompt every day to work on). Most of them have seemed to me to be “thinking” prompts, and they all seem to be centered around starting a project. I haven’t been at this whole writing thing for long, so I don’t have any dreams yet to put into action.

But anyways, I am totally up for today’s challenge: take inspiration from somewhere else, and incorporate it into my writing.

One thing that really inspires me is my mom’s art. She is so talented and it’s been a beautiful journey to watch her art change and develop as she pursues it more. When I see a new painting of hers, I feel like I am looking directly at her heart.

“Savor the Journey” by Heather Santos at Sparrow’s Journey

I want you to take a long, hard (or soft) look at that piece before reading on. Notice the details. Notice your emotions. Think about what it means to the artist…to you.

Savor the Journey. That’s a little something we forget a little too often.

I am always concerned with change. How can I make things better? How can I influence things to change? How can I influence others to change? What should I change about myself to make myself happier? What should I change about myself to make myself better?

And then I get all concerned about “should” and “should not”. There is a right and wrong answer to everything. There is black, and there is white. And if I choose the wrong thing, I’m gonna be miserable forever…or at least not as happy as I would be choosing the other thing.

A pretty wise dude by the name of Sy Rogers came to my church and spoke about redemption. One thing he said was, “Change is not the goal. It is a byproduct of growth.” Growth is the main idea, here. On this earth. In life.

It’s not all about my goals and accomplishments. Accomplishments do not define a life. Accomplishments are but a mere event; a small moment in time. What about all the rest of the time you’re not in that moment of accomplishment?

My high school band director pointed something out to us, as we were playing a piece called O Magnum Mysterium. He said, “Music is a journey. There is no destination.” There is only music. There are high points and low points. There is tension and release. There is thoughtful coherence and equally thoughtful chaos. Nostalgia. Excitement. Exhaustion. Joy. Peace. Grief.

I think you know where I’m going with this.

There is beauty in the growing process. Learning itself is beautiful. And when you keep your eyes and your heart open, you’ll start enjoying yourself. Right where you are. Not when you’re good enough. Not when you’re smart enough, or old enough, or experienced enough, or “over him” enough, or finished with your degree, or when you get a job. Right now.

Life isn’t all about what’s coming in the end. It’s about how we get there…and how much we enjoy getting there. Sometimes, it’s not all about “mattering”. It’s about being.

Savor the Journey.


What inspires you? What makes you want to create?

How are you savoring the journey today?


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