Day 2: Marinate


Today is the second day of the Great Writers Challenge!

Yesterday, I declared that I am a writer. But it’s still taking some time to believe it–and that’s what today is for.

I’ve always been scared of calling myself something or other–there are always people out there in the world who are better than me at things, and I’m scared of those people. And I’m also scared of people who look at my writing, and don’t like it, and then scoff at me for calling myself a writer.

I also had a certain experience in the past, on a different blog. Perhaps I had not used enough discretion when posting–but someone told me, in different words, that it was bad and undesirable, and that I should never do it. I shouldn’t share all the details of that story–just know that the message my heart took away from it was hurtful.

It took me a long time to once again write a little something. It was pretty destructive; writing is both an outlet for emotions and a tool for exploration of my thoughts. It’s vital. I mean, I keep a journal for all the thoughts I don’t put here.

But, all that being said, it’s tough to think of myself as a writer. But if the past couple of weeks hasn’t boosted my morale, then I don’t know what will. I’ve gotten more encouragement from people that I didn’t even expect to hear from than from anything else, ever. I say that not to boost myself up over anyone, but to acknowledge that God has given me a gift here…and that He’s already using it, in my tiny little world that I consider nearly useless. I mean, seriously? A blog? Plenty of people have one, I’m nothing important. But I suppose all that matters is that I’m touching someone, making a difference, however small, somewhere.

And I am a writer. Direct encouragement from messages and comments, as well as the tremendous growth in page views, has been reinforcing the writer concept daily. I’m ready to start identifying with it. It’s gonna be good!

The second half of this challenge is to get up early tomorrow and write. So uh, I guess I’ll concoct something tomorrow morning!



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