Staying Up Late


I hope you’re up late reading this.

There’s nothing quite like being up late at night, being so exhausted that your eyes may droop shut at any moment–but nevertheless awake and yearning to learn, to know, to think.

Truly, there is no longer a nagging inside of you that is ever-present at Daytime. The daylight itself brings with it a sense of needing to do. You must be awake and working, or interacting with others, or being useful. There is a sense of should and should not in Daytime…one that cannot quite be shaken.

Funny, isn’t it, that when it rains, we all seem to want to sleep and stay in? Or even if it’s not raining, but overcast–the darker palette of colours outside of our windows seems to lull our worries to sleep (and often our bodies as well). There is a sense of rest and peace in knowing that you have some kind of justification for staying home and away from people, and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on your own, or curling up with a good book, or just sitting and thinking.

Surely, we don’t need justification for doing those things. Rather, we shouldn’t. But as surely as the sun rises, there is a need to do. And as surely as it sets, there rests a sense of completion.

Thorough completion.

Sometimes, it is enough to simply be.


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