30Rock and Relationships


My fiance and I have been watching a lot of 30Rock lately. Well…”a lot” is an understatement. We had a marathon of the entire second season on Thursday. I don’t even want to know how many hours that is.

And I started thinking last night, as he drove me home…that maybe the reason I love 30Rock so much is because I AM LIZ LEMON. But my personal life was definitely not as screwed up as hers. Or so I thought.


(Yes. There must always be an “until”.)

I was nosing around on the Good Women Project last night (FANTASTIC website. So encouraging and helpful) and came across this post about playing the God card in dating situations. You know…”I can’t date you because you’re not a Christian.” It’s not exactly the most helpful thing in the world. And…I totally relate to that, because that’s what I did…in my head, and to other guys. The result? I always gave in to those guys. The ones who weren’t Christians…because I couldn’t stand to cause them the confusion that comes with “the God Card”.

So I got to reading more of her blogs–here, here, and here (of course, under the impression that “I can help someone else with this someday!”) and what I found was a mixture of “WHY DIDN’T I KNOW THIS IN HIGH SCHOOL” and healing and answers and encouragement. All I want to do right now is show all the Christian girls in the world so desperately searching for answers, as I did, the real reasons that we are told not to date non-Christian men. We are only told do not. Reasons are what fix the heart of the matter.

Thankfully, God somehow wired me to be this relentless rule-follower (maybe I’m more like Kenneth after all), so even when I dated those non-Christian guys, I still didn’t, erm, “give myself away”, if you know what I mean. That’s for that special day on March 2nd, 2013…

All of that to say…I discovered that my personal life was just as nonexistent, and screwed up when it does exist, as Liz Lemon’s.

But in the midst of all this, one MAJOR curveball still exists:

The man I am marrying was one of those non-Christian guys.

I think I’ll leave that cliffhanger for you to chew on until I finish my next post. I can’t wait to record this story in writing, along with all of the things God’s taught me along the way.


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  1. Well the reason that God said not to marry unbelievers is because they tend to lead you away from God instead of you leading them to God. That is why we are told not to be “unequally yoked”. Even Solomon marrid unchristian women and they lead him to sin and he was the recognized world’s wisest man

    • Yeah, that is true. And I think that even if Solomon, the world’s wisest man, can fall into that trap, then any of us can. I definitely learned about how much easier it is to be pulled down than for me to pull someone else up.

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